About Me

Welcome to by new fitness blog. But how did I get here?
I recently completed a fixed-term fitness course, 6 weeks of challenges and group exercise, and I was pleased with the results.

I could not have got through the course by myself, and I relied on the extra motivation that I got from the instructors and others in my group, and I suppose that’s why I want to put more ideas up here on my blog.

It wasn’t crazy and all consuming, I simply committed myself to a new training program (and turned up!) 3 or 4 times over each week, and started feeling the difference – in a good way – almost immediately.
It worked for me, and I think by highlighting similar courses from around the web, it can work for you.

Perhaps the most important factor was the fun I had each session, and the variance from day to day that stopped it from becoming a chore.

Please keep up with my posts, and drop me a comment or an email if you would like to share your great examples with others!