If you want to build an alpha male body like Arnold or even more recent guys like Henry Cavill (the dude who plays the new superman) then you need to lift weights. And I’m not saying that you need go to the gym like most guys and mindlessly lift weights without an idea of what the hell you’re doing.

You need to go in with a plan. And what is the best plan?

The best plan is an upper lower body part split (same here) meaning you will workout about 3-4 times per week and train your upper body 2x per week while training your lower body 2x per week.

From a scientific standpoint, training a muscle group 2 times per week is the best since it allows the max stimulation and the max amount of recovery as well.

So try this workout…it worked for and Cavill and Arnold so it will work for you too.

Best Muscle Building Routine To Become An Alpha