Ageing is a natural biological process and actually there is little you can do to escape the vagaries of age. Scientific research proves that most people lose up to 8% of their body muscle every decade. However you can choose to age gracefully by benefiting from the effects of regular workout sessions with Personal Trainer Bondi. Learn about what exercise can do for your body and mind.

Preserve your muscle mass

Sports science research proves that athletes who have been involved in competitive sports showed surprising retention of muscle mass up to the ripe age of 70. Even 65 year old people who have regularly engaged in intense interval training have the same amount of muscle in their bodies as 40 year old sportsmen.

The suspected reason behind this amazing power of muscle retention is believed to be regular stimulation of the muscle cells. Bondi personal trainers say that the more frequently a muscle is stimulated, the more active it stays. So you can preserve your rippling muscles well unto the ripe age of 70 if you exercise regularly.

Maintain your skin and hair

As you grow older you will see hair fall, grey hairs and sagging skin. These effects arise due to the loss of stem cells in the body. Stem cells are catalysts of the growth pattern of the body. As soon as stem cells stop dividing, ageing starts. It’s never possible to retain the gorgeous looks you had when you were thirty but you can choose to delay the onset of the signs of ageing. One of the best ways you can achieve his is by working out with your personal trainer in Bondi.

Animal studies show startling revelations. Elderly rats who were overweight and sedentary were put on a mock designed running program. Within ten weeks their cell composition study showed the pence of new satellite stem cells. This basically means that even aged living organisms can benefit from exercise and delay the process of their ageing.

Turn back the clock
Whether you are in your 40’s, 50’s or 70’s when you read this, it’s actually never too late to start. Science has proved that there is no set age to start exercising. Human beings are blessed with the capacity to benefit from exercise even when are aged and grossly unfit. Regular usage of muscles by scientifically designed workouts supervised by an expert personal fitness trainer in Bondi can actually turn the clock back for you. You will actually hear your friends and family comment on how younger you have started to look.

Keep yourself happy

If you are happy and think positively then you are much more likely to age gracefully. You must have heard about the role of exercise in keeping your mind active and joyful. Well research proves that structured workouts with personal trainers in Bondi can actually help you improve the quality of your life. Personal training will teach you to age well like old wine.

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How Regular Exercises can help you Age Gracefully