Bulgarian Bag Course


If you know me you know I love Bulgarian bags.

I have been training with them on and off for about 7 years.

I busted my right knee about 10 years ago and ever since then I haven’t been able to jog… something I used to really enjoy.

So… I have always had a bit of a battle with keeping the weight off, especially round the waistline.

Since I discovered Bulgarian bag training though, I get all the cardio I need.

It’s a fantastic training tool for burning calories, building muscle and for developing full-body strength.

But, it’s important to learn how to use it correctly.

Bulgarian bags do not come with an operating manual, so you’ll need to hire a trainer that has graduated from an accredited Bulgarian Bag course.

Once you know the Bulgarian bag fundamentals you can continue by training yourself, but take the time to learn the correct technique first so you get the most out of your training programs.

Benefits of Hiring a Dangerously Fit Bulgarian Bag Personal Trainer

If you have specific fitness goals, a Dangerously Fit Bulgarian Bag personal trainer can help you to reach them. You have a couple of different choices. You can either hire a person to train you on an individual basis, or you can join a small group to save some money. Here are a few of the things that a Bulgarian Bag personal trainer can bring to the table in your fitness quest:

1. Instruction
A Dangerously Fit Bulgarian Bag personal trainer can work with you to develop a  Bulgarian Bag fitness program that balances strength training, stretching and cardio. These are the three key elements to having a healthy body. A trainer can use their knowledge to assess your level of fitness. He or she can then figure out your exact needs. Using exercise equipment may seem easy, but a trainer can show you the correct ways to use a Bulgarian Bag so you will not hurt yourself.

2. Motivation
This is one of the most important functions of a personal trainer. Many people may grow tired and frustrated while working out. They may not be seeing the results that they want as fast as they want them. Therefore, they may want to quit. It is the job of the personal trainer to help their client see the light at the end of the tunnel. A Bulgarian Bag personal trainer serves as your cheerleader to support you when you are having some difficulties.

Dangerously Fit Bulgarian Aqua Bag

3. Maximizing Your Workout
Since you most likely have a job, a family or other responsibilities, the time you can spend with your Dangerously Fit personal trainer will be limited. Therefore, it is up to your trainer to make sure that you get the most out of the time that you have for workouts. This means making a schedule for you to follow. This will make sure you only spend a specific amount of time using certain equipment or doing certain exercises, allowing you to have a workout that is balanced. Dangerously Fit Bulgarian Bags are available for purchase online through their official website.

4. Accountability
The pressure of your Dangerously Fit personal trainer constantly watching you and correcting you if you make a mistake can help you to stay on track. If you get lazy, your trainer will certainly let you know about it. If you are paying money for a person to train you, you are more likely to show up for the Bulgarian Bag workout instead of finding an excuse not to go.

5. Specific Needs
Every person is different. This means that every person will requires certifications that are specifically designed for their body type, fitness level and fitness goals. If you are training for an upcoming marathon, you will need a different Bulgarian Bag workout than a person who is trying to regain strength after being in a car accident. There are also trainers who are specially qualified to train people suffering from asthma, diabetes, heart disease and osteoporosis.

6. Change When Needed
After you have reached a certain level of fitness, your trainer can change the exercises and the equipment you are using accordingly. Your trainer will know when you have the necessary stamina and strength to attempt various workout regimens. If you are working out alone, you may try to progress faster than you should and hurt yourself.

Build a Community and Generate Referrals for Your Steel Mace Training Business

The job of being a steel macebell trainer is one of the most beneficial professions in terms of health and happiness. It keeps you fit and it gives you a reason to help other people be fit as well. And nothing can be more practically better than the fact that you can earn good money in the fitness business.

However, the growth of your business depends upon the fitness marketing techniques that incorporate your policies to get more people to trust you and train under you.

This is one tough task that comes up while you are establishing your steel macebell training centre as a newcomer but you should check in your quality of marketing even if you are a settled fitness trainer. There are a lot of things you can do to make your business flourish for a longer period of time.

Pamper Your Clients
No matter how old you are you still have that little kid in you that likes to be pampered for a job well done. This can be a genuine strategy for your steel macebell training business. You can provide them free protein shakes, salads, and fruit juice. This is something you should have learned during your CEC’s. Do it with love and make them feel privileged. You are surely going to see the memberships in your fitness centre increase at a great rate day by day. Please don’t end up giving just the snacks. The essential thing is to train them properly.

Bring in the Best of Your Ability
Most Personal Trainers will be aware about the hard work you have to put in to achieve that level of fitness. And finally being certified to pass on your knowledge to the other people is a sense of great achievement in itself.

The one thing that you can include in your fitness marketing is to be honest with yourself. Money matters but it will stop gracing you if you decrease your quality of giving fitness trainings to people who trust you and come to you for their well being. It’s a huge responsibility.

If you want your business to live long you better check the quality of the workout sessions rather than attracting people by giving them fake promises to slim them down in a day or two because you know that it’s not possible. You should always go for quality rather than quantity.

Earn Goodwill
The goodwill of a person is a deciding factor over a lot of things and especially if he or she is an independent business owner. Your fitness marketing shouldn’t be just for the numbers sake it should be about polishing your personality and your way of doing things. Your members are going to refer you if you do your work well.
Let there be lots of people who will have your back and would pass on your work ethics to more people as well.

Personal Training Vs Strength Training
The fitness industry has several options if you are looking for an effective workout that helps maintain fitness and an ideal body weight. There are old trends such as strength training that fitness buffs swear by as also newer craze such as personal training. Each has its own advantages and application and you should be well informed before joining just any fitness program.

All about Personal Training
This workout schedule focuses on everyday movements that are considered as ‘functional’ or integral to the way your body works throughout the day. In a typical functional workout session you can expect to do jumps; squats; stretches; lunges; climbs; sprints and so on. All these closely replicate the way you move around and do various activities throughout the day.

Why practice Personal Training
There are several ways functional workouts can make each day better for you. You may think performing everyday tasks is no big deal but how often have you found it difficult to bend down and lift something heavy without effort? Or how often have you wished you were flexible and strong enough to run after your kids? Or you wished that nagging backache away that creeps in after long hours at office? All these and much more can be tackled easily with personal training. You may want some reasoning behind hiring a personal trainer.

As mentioned above, this type of training focuses on your daily activities and tones and strengthen your muscles so that you can do your chores easily. Workouts are so designed that all the muscles of your body work together and the entire body can function better as a whole. There is no muscle isolation or aim to develop a particular zone of the body. Macebell training is an excellent way for building real World functional strength! Start light at first though, a 4 kilo steel club is heavy enough if you’re just getting started!

Functional workouts are low intensity calisthenics where you repeat some regular moves to perfect them and make it easier for you to move around. Almost no equipment is used and your body weight is the prime resistance used to improve your strength and stamina. You can do the workouts anytime; anywhere once you are through with the basics.

Given their simplicity and low intensity, functional workouts are just perfect for everybody. Whether you are a beginner with low fitness level; a pregnant woman; an elderly person or someone recovering from an accident; functional training can help you improve or recover your stamina, coordination, body balance and flexibility.

How Regular Exercises can help you Age Gracefully

Ageing is a natural biological process and actually there is little you can do to escape the vagaries of age. Scientific research proves that most people lose up to 8% of their body muscle every decade. However you can choose to age gracefully by benefiting from the effects of regular workout sessions with Personal Trainer Bondi. Learn about what exercise can do for your body and mind.

Preserve your muscle mass

Sports science research proves that athletes who have been involved in competitive sports showed surprising retention of muscle mass up to the ripe age of 70. Even 65 year old people who have regularly engaged in intense interval training have the same amount of muscle in their bodies as 40 year old sportsmen.

The suspected reason behind this amazing power of muscle retention is believed to be regular stimulation of the muscle cells. Bondi personal trainers say that the more frequently a muscle is stimulated, the more active it stays. So you can preserve your rippling muscles well unto the ripe age of 70 if you exercise regularly.

Maintain your skin and hair

As you grow older you will see hair fall, grey hairs and sagging skin. These effects arise due to the loss of stem cells in the body. Stem cells are catalysts of the growth pattern of the body. As soon as stem cells stop dividing, ageing starts. It’s never possible to retain the gorgeous looks you had when you were thirty but you can choose to delay the onset of the signs of ageing. One of the best ways you can achieve his is by working out with your personal trainer in Bondi.

Animal studies show startling revelations. Elderly rats who were overweight and sedentary were put on a mock designed running program. Within ten weeks their cell composition study showed the pence of new satellite stem cells. This basically means that even aged living organisms can benefit from exercise and delay the process of their ageing.

Turn back the clock
Whether you are in your 40’s, 50’s or 70’s when you read this, it’s actually never too late to start. Science has proved that there is no set age to start exercising. Human beings are blessed with the capacity to benefit from exercise even when are aged and grossly unfit. Regular usage of muscles by scientifically designed workouts supervised by an expert personal fitness trainer in Bondi can actually turn the clock back for you. You will actually hear your friends and family comment on how younger you have started to look.

Keep yourself happy

If you are happy and think positively then you are much more likely to age gracefully. You must have heard about the role of exercise in keeping your mind active and joyful. Well research proves that structured workouts with personal trainers in Bondi can actually help you improve the quality of your life. Personal training will teach you to age well like old wine.

Dangerously Fit Personal Training has been helping locals get in shape for years, be sure to check them out and ask for Dan Clay.

Best Muscle Building Routine To Become An Alpha

If you want to build an alpha male body like Arnold or even more recent guys like Henry Cavill (the dude who plays the new superman) then you need to lift weights. And I’m not saying that you need go to the gym like most guys and mindlessly lift weights without an idea of what the hell you’re doing.

You need to go in with a plan. And what is the best plan?

The best plan is an upper lower body part split (same here) meaning you will workout about 3-4 times per week and train your upper body 2x per week while training your lower body 2x per week.

From a scientific standpoint, training a muscle group 2 times per week is the best since it allows the max stimulation and the max amount of recovery as well.

So try this workout…it worked for and Cavill and Arnold so it will work for you too.

Common Factors that affect your Fitness Goals in the Long-run

If there can be one thing that would surely make you reach your fitness goals it’s this one word “commitment”. Every supermodel or sportsman you ogle at in the magazines has commitment towards his/ her fitness and that commitment is responsible for acquiring that fabulous body shape. There are so many factors that will help you achieve you fitness goals and so many other factors that will deter you from reaching them.

Hiring a good trainer
Your chances of acquiring success as far as fitness and health are concerned goes up the moment you make the decision of hiring personal trainer Rushcutters Bay. Supervised workouts are far better suited to help you workout in a structured way. Your workouts will succeed if they are composed of ideal combinations of cardio vascular exercise, weight lefts, strength training and balance and coordination building.

Only a certified and experienced trainer will be able to map your needs and provide you with a strong workout plan which will exactly fit your physiological and psychological needs.

Passion and dedication
Personal trainers in Rushcutters Bay say that 605 of people fail in reaching their health goals because they are not dedicated enough. This happens frequently in unsupervised exercise attempts. Following a routine that seems attractive in the beginning soon loses its charm as you keep on following it for years. It’s necessary to track progress and learn to dedicate time and energy to workouts. Not everybody has the mental strength and dedication to go through workouts regularly and people who can do so are rewarded by a fabulously fit physique.

Food habits
If there is one important thing that can make or break your chances of success when it comes to your health goals it is food habits and nutrition plans. Rushcutters Bay fitness trainers say that exercise will only make you fit but you need healthy nutrition in order to be able to shed the flab. Your trainer can only tell you about how to choose healthier food options but this strategy is only going to work if you start willingly incorporating those changes in your life.

People who have healthier food habits and eat a lot fresh fruit, vegetables, whole grains and low fat dairy produce will be more successful in reaching their health goals.

Lifestyle factors
The way you live your life will ultimately determine the state of your health. For example if you work out hard every day and drink excessive amounts of alcohol you are not going to become any healthier. If you are under tremendous amount of stress or suffer from insomnia workouts are not going to help you reverse the ill effects. It’s important to cultivate healthy lifestyle habits if you want to benefit from the workouts practiced by a personal trainer in Rushcutters Bay.

Factors like stress and sleeping disorders cause over eating and bingeing which develops into a vicious cycle. Seek the advice of a personal trainer in Rushcutters Bay to eliminate these toxic habits from your life forever or at the very least find yourself a really gym.

The Best Exercises To Jump Higher In Volleyball

I have been someone who has always loved playing volleyball. Even though I do not live near the beach, we always try to go there as often as possible to play. Not only that, but we also have a volleyball net in the backyard and I use it to practice all of the time. However, I am noticing that the difference between the grass and the sand is that I cannot jump as high as I would like when I am at the beach.

I am hoping to learn some of the best exercises to jump higher in volleyball whether I am at the beach or simply practicing with friends in the backyard. I have been looking into plyometrics to hopefully boost up my strength and give me a little bit more speed. I guess there are a lot of professional volleyball players who are faithfully using plyometric exercises.

Is there any other sort of exercises that may be beneficial for someone like me? I am a good player, I just want to give myself that extra edge with each game. The better I am able to jump, the more I will be able to score and enjoy myself.

Why Kettlebell Training is Perfect for Weight Loss

Kettlebell workouts are undoubtedly one of the most effective ways of losing weight. The exercises combine the best of strength training and cardiovascular workout; making each session intense and insanely effective. You would be surprised with just how much fat you can burn by doing sixty minutes of kettlebell training, which is why this training is just perfect for your weight loss goals.

Kettlebell Workout combines Cardio and Strength Training
You must follow a total-body workout in order to burn flab uniformly from all over the body and tone up the muscles. And the best way to do so is to follow a combination of strength training and cardiovascular training; which is what kettlebell workouts offer.

Strength training helps build lean muscles while cardio boosts your heart rate so that the body maintains a high metabolic rate. A combination of two helps the body to burn fat throughout the day while toning the muscles so that your body looks firm and athletic.

Kettlebell Exercises are more Effective than Running
Running daily is one of the most preferred choices for long term weight management. However, with kettlebell workouts, you stand to lose more weight as compared to regular running or jogging.

Each time you swing the kettlebell, the strain of the movement is equivalent to an explosive burst of running or hours of jogging. In fact, each session of kettlebell workout allows your body to continue burning fat for over 30 hours after the session ends.

Additionally, the workouts are more interesting than running or jogging which becomes boring after a while. Also, when done correctly, kettlebell workouts are low impact exercises that do not wear away your joints and bones. This means you can continue working out for years with kettlebells and keep your weight under control.

Kettlebell Workouts show Maximum Result in Minimum Time
Time is a huge factor that determines the continuity of your workout schedule. Here too, kettlebell workouts are just perfect for weight loss as they are high intensity workouts guaranteed to give maximum result in minimum time.

Studies show that with kettlebell training, you can hope to torch a staggering 20 calories per minute as compared to running (which burns 10 calories per minute) or strength training (which burns only 7.5 calories per minute). No wonder, kettlebell training is your best bet when it comes to losing weight safely and effectively.

Kettlebells can be Used by Everybody
As mentioned above, kettlebell workouts are high intensity in nature but have low impact on the body which means they can be safely used by people of all ages. Fancy equipment or complex workouts may not be ideal for you especially if you are aged or unfit.

However, kettlebell workouts can be tweaked in different ways to suit your physical conditions.

You can use the equipment as an accompaniment to any kind of free hand workout for added challenge. You can also select a weight that you can handle comfortably. All this makes kettlebell workouts more interesting than regular weight lifting. In fact, kettlebells can be used safely by people of all ages and gender in order to lose weight and maintain a healthy physique. If you’re interested in certification, then visit kettlebell CEC certifications. If you are in the Melbourne area, then be sure to visit their Melbourne page along with their Adelaide page if you in the Adelaide area www.kettlebellcourses.com.au/adelaide/.

How Often Should I Do Kettlebell Training?

Kettlebell training is an intense form of exercise that uses multiple muscles of your body in each movement. Understandably, it is one of the most effective schedules you can follow for weight loss or reaching your fitness goals in time. Be sure to see more on to join functional training classes.

However, being highly intense, functional workouts are also extremely demanding on the body and you should know how often to work out so as not to over-strain.

As a Beginner

If you are new to kettlebells, then it is more important for you to first master the technique of kettlebell movements and perfect your own form. How often you train is immaterial till you know how to handle this unique equipment correctly. The off-centred weight of kettlebell and fluid motions require intense focus and synchronization which is a great challenge for beginners.

It is therefore advisable that beginners learn the correct way of doing kettlebell workouts before moving on to heavier weights and combination exercises.

As a beginner, it is best to limit your kettlebell training to two or three workouts per week. This allows your body enough time to get acclimatized to the rigours of kettlebell training so that you do not overstrain yourself.

As an Intermediate
Once you are used to kettlebell workouts, you would want to build your strength and enjoy a total-body workout in each session. Your body has developed a certain tolerance for the strains of functional training and technically; you can train daily. You are now ready to try out more complex workouts that combine several movements and target different muscle groups simultaneously.

Even then, do keep in mind that kettlebells engage several major muscle groups through compound movements at any given time. To avoid muscle degeneration, it’s best to give your body rest for at least one or two days in a week. For those wanting to increase their kettlebell knowledge and become a instructor, you should check out the website.

An an Expert

As an expert in, you will be able to control the movements and combinations better. You can now enjoy a greater variety of workouts in each session and work with heavier weights and try newer challenges.

You can exercise daily but it is best to keep the sessions short yet focused. So your regular schedule can be of ten minutes workout for five days a week. Even then one or two days of rest per week is advisable.

Other Factors to Consider

Apart from the above schedule, how often you should train with kettlebells depends on your present fitness condition, the effort you are ready to put in and the weight you are using. If you are not in a good shape or recovering from an ailment or lead an extremely sedentary lifestyle, you may not be able to train thrice a week.

Again, if you are already training with other equipments, it would be easier for your body to adapt to kettlebell training. You can safely train thrice a week without getting too tired.

Lastly, your fitness goals will have to be considered too. Discuss your fitness goals with your kettlebell trainer so that you can work out a viable weekly schedule that will be both safe and effective.