Kettlebell training is an intense form of exercise that uses multiple muscles of your body in each movement. Understandably, it is one of the most effective schedules you can follow for weight loss or reaching your fitness goals in time. Be sure to see more on to join functional training classes.

However, being highly intense, functional workouts are also extremely demanding on the body and you should know how often to work out so as not to over-strain.

As a Beginner

If you are new to kettlebells, then it is more important for you to first master the technique of kettlebell movements and perfect your own form. How often you train is immaterial till you know how to handle this unique equipment correctly. The off-centred weight of kettlebell and fluid motions require intense focus and synchronization which is a great challenge for beginners.

It is therefore advisable that beginners learn the correct way of doing kettlebell workouts before moving on to heavier weights and combination exercises.

As a beginner, it is best to limit your kettlebell training to two or three workouts per week. This allows your body enough time to get acclimatized to the rigours of kettlebell training so that you do not overstrain yourself.

As an Intermediate
Once you are used to kettlebell workouts, you would want to build your strength and enjoy a total-body workout in each session. Your body has developed a certain tolerance for the strains of functional training and technically; you can train daily. You are now ready to try out more complex workouts that combine several movements and target different muscle groups simultaneously.

Even then, do keep in mind that kettlebells engage several major muscle groups through compound movements at any given time. To avoid muscle degeneration, it’s best to give your body rest for at least one or two days in a week. For those wanting to increase their kettlebell knowledge and become a instructor, you should check out the website.

An an Expert

As an expert in, you will be able to control the movements and combinations better. You can now enjoy a greater variety of workouts in each session and work with heavier weights and try newer challenges.

You can exercise daily but it is best to keep the sessions short yet focused. So your regular schedule can be of ten minutes workout for five days a week. Even then one or two days of rest per week is advisable.

Other Factors to Consider

Apart from the above schedule, how often you should train with kettlebells depends on your present fitness condition, the effort you are ready to put in and the weight you are using. If you are not in a good shape or recovering from an ailment or lead an extremely sedentary lifestyle, you may not be able to train thrice a week.

Again, if you are already training with other equipments, it would be easier for your body to adapt to kettlebell training. You can safely train thrice a week without getting too tired.

Lastly, your fitness goals will have to be considered too. Discuss your fitness goals with your kettlebell trainer so that you can work out a viable weekly schedule that will be both safe and effective.

How Often Should I Do Kettlebell Training?