Kettlebell workouts are undoubtedly one of the most effective ways of losing weight. The exercises combine the best of strength training and cardiovascular workout; making each session intense and insanely effective. You would be surprised with just how much fat you can burn by doing sixty minutes of kettlebell training, which is why this training is just perfect for your weight loss goals.

Kettlebell Workout combines Cardio and Strength Training
You must follow a total-body workout in order to burn flab uniformly from all over the body and tone up the muscles. And the best way to do so is to follow a combination of strength training and cardiovascular training; which is what kettlebell workouts offer.

Strength training helps build lean muscles while cardio boosts your heart rate so that the body maintains a high metabolic rate. A combination of two helps the body to burn fat throughout the day while toning the muscles so that your body looks firm and athletic.

Kettlebell Exercises are more Effective than Running
Running daily is one of the most preferred choices for long term weight management. However, with kettlebell workouts, you stand to lose more weight as compared to regular running or jogging.

Each time you swing the kettlebell, the strain of the movement is equivalent to an explosive burst of running or hours of jogging. In fact, each session of kettlebell workout allows your body to continue burning fat for over 30 hours after the session ends.

Additionally, the workouts are more interesting than running or jogging which becomes boring after a while. Also, when done correctly, kettlebell workouts are low impact exercises that do not wear away your joints and bones. This means you can continue working out for years with kettlebells and keep your weight under control.

Kettlebell Workouts show Maximum Result in Minimum Time
Time is a huge factor that determines the continuity of your workout schedule. Here too, kettlebell workouts are just perfect for weight loss as they are high intensity workouts guaranteed to give maximum result in minimum time.

Studies show that with kettlebell training, you can hope to torch a staggering 20 calories per minute as compared to running (which burns 10 calories per minute) or strength training (which burns only 7.5 calories per minute). No wonder, kettlebell training is your best bet when it comes to losing weight safely and effectively.

Kettlebells can be Used by Everybody
As mentioned above, kettlebell workouts are high intensity in nature but have low impact on the body which means they can be safely used by people of all ages. Fancy equipment or complex workouts may not be ideal for you especially if you are aged or unfit.

However, kettlebell workouts can be tweaked in different ways to suit your physical conditions.

You can use the equipment as an accompaniment to any kind of free hand workout for added challenge. You can also select a weight that you can handle comfortably. All this makes kettlebell workouts more interesting than regular weight lifting. In fact, kettlebells can be used safely by people of all ages and gender in order to lose weight and maintain a healthy physique. If you’re interested in certification, then visit kettlebell CEC certifications. If you are in the Melbourne area, then be sure to visit their Melbourne page along with their Adelaide page if you in the Adelaide area

Why Kettlebell Training is Perfect for Weight Loss