I have been someone who has always loved playing volleyball. Even though I do not live near the beach, we always try to go there as often as possible to play. Not only that, but we also have a volleyball net in the backyard and I use it to practice all of the time. However, I am noticing that the difference between the grass and the sand is that I cannot jump as high as I would like when I am at the beach.

I am hoping to learn some of the best exercises to jump higher in volleyball whether I am at the beach or simply practicing with friends in the backyard. I have been looking into plyometrics to hopefully boost up my strength and give me a little bit more speed. I guess there are a lot of professional volleyball players who are faithfully using plyometric exercises.

Is there any other sort of exercises that may be beneficial for someone like me? I am a good player, I just want to give myself that extra edge with each game. The better I am able to jump, the more I will be able to score and enjoy myself.

The Best Exercises To Jump Higher In Volleyball